Cost per Page - CPP

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Cost per Page - CPP

When buying a printer you should consider the price of the printer but also what the cost per page than the price of the cartridge will assume.

The original brands advertise print yields considering that prints A4 page with a 5% coverage of monochrome cartridges (this % is commonly accepted in the industry for text printing). For color cartridges, refer to 5% per color, or 20% coverage among 4 colors - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

Dividing the price by the number of cartridge page yield of each cartridge, we can determine the price of each cartridge cost per page. We have this information for 80% of the cartridges we sell. You can find this info in the column CPP - Cost Per Page.

We hope this information might assist in your next printer purchase decision. ;-)