About us

Since 2006, the founders of MrToner have international experience in the industry of alternative cartridges. For 10 years we have worked closely with top manufacturers of components for recycling ink cartridges and toner, since some of them also manufacture components for original cartridge brands.

MrToner arises by the result from the experience with these manufacturers, each of them specialized in components and brands and geographically dispersed in countries like Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Switzerland. But also, very important was also the experience and knowledge exchanged with our European Recyclers customers – to whom we sell components for recycling the cartridges.

Starting the business we were buying and selling components for recycling cartridges and now we are mostly focusing our knowledge and efforts to develop the best solutions for the most critical printing cartridges - both monochrome and color cartridges. We guarantee high standards of quality in the critical cartridges, the most difficult to achieve with comparable quality to OEM.

For MrToner we are concerned only having the same printing quality as the original cartridges and, therefore, our cartridges come from who better recycled each technology, using the best raw materials, the most advanced equipment and the highest standards and quality assurance.

There is much work in R & D to ensure that the print quality of each MrToner Cartridge is identical to that of an original cartridge. To ensure quality are analyzed, tested and proven the best components for each cartridge: toner powder, OPC, Chip, Doctor Blade, Wiper Blade, Magnetic Roller, PCR, Seal and even the airbags that protects the cartridge.

Critical points as are the Image Density, Uniformity, the Merger, the shine, the performance and the play of colors are always taken into account when choosing the best solutions for each cartridge MrToner.

Whatever cartridge for Inkjet printers, Toner, Laser, Copiers, Plotters and Franking Machines, MrToner seeks having always the best product solution.

We hope to surprise you with the good quality of our cartridges!


Our Obsessions

We are obsessed with the quality of our cartridges and provide the user an excellent experience from the buying process till printing the last page. That's why we're obsessed with...


Having MrToner cartridges with exactly the same quality when compared with the original ones (OEM)

This is our big obsession! That all the critical points as the image density, uniformity, fusion, brightness, performance, background and colorful game provide the user with the same print quality they would expect from an original cartridge.

We are picky about quality and we challenge our customers to be too! We have an incidence rate below 1%, and in all cases we immediately collect the defective cartridge, we analyze and we replace it with another without any added cost to the customer.


Having the MrToner Cartridges at half price of the original ones

Because it is easy to explain: a cartridge with the quality of the original ... and at half price!

Quality is expensive and it is not always possible to exactly half the price of the original cartridge. Fortunately, in most cases if we get MrToner Cartridges we get half the price of the original ... or we are very close to that goal!


Having always a MrToner cartridge as an alternative to the original one

We sell both original cartridges as alternatives, but we try to always have available what we consider to be the "best option" - MrToner Cartridges.

If for some reason we do not have a cartridge MrToner is because there are still no alternatives on the market that allow print at half price with the quality of an original cartridge.


Very quickly be able to find your cartridge

Find your cartridge among the more than 7,000 cartridges we have available has to be easy, fast and intuitive.


Make fast shipping

So we worked with Urbanos from the start. In most cases delivery in 24h at any point of Spain & Portugal and 3-4 days in Europe.


Having our clients happy

We want to treat you well, to always treat you well! ;-)