How do we guarantee the quality


A) Inkjet & Plotter

B) Toner & Copiers


A ) Inkjet & Plotter

To ensure that an alternative cartridge print as an original, there is a whole set of procedures that must be respected and it is vital to have professional equipment to accomplish.

Very briefly, there are three phases that are strictly observed in the MrToner cartridges:


1. Test of electrical circuits and cartridge cleaning

Before starting the recycling process must be verified by specialized machinery if electrical circuits cartridge that will be "refilled" work correctly. Only if these circuits function properly is that cleanup is performed cartridge.

The great majority of cartridges using a sponge inside which is absorbing the ink. You must remove the cartridge cover by cutting it with a special machine. Before replacing the sponge with a new one, the cartridge should pass through a series of cleaning machines that will allow cleaning the entire interior of the cartridge in the chamber, the pre-chamber and between the injectors. After cleaning the cartridge, drying and placing the sponge is put back the cover through an ultrasonic bonding machine (such as those using the original manufacturers).


2. Filling the Inkjet Cartridge

After being perfectly clean, the cartridge is now ready to be refilled with a highly specialized dedicated ink. Each ink is manufactured exclusively for each type of cartridge. Only using specific ink cartridge for each model allows parameters such as the color, color mixing, density, uniformity and drying time, yield and UV durability are identical to an original cartridge.

The filling of a cartridge can not be done with a syringe! If so, don't expect this cartridge to work properly The cartridges must always be filled with specialized machinery to ensure the vacuum inside the cartridge. If a cartridge is filled with air bubbles inside, these same bubbles will clog the nozzles where the ink should come out.

Once filled the cartridge, usually with more ml ink than the original cartridge, we proceed to test the same.


3. Inkjet test and Packaging

The test, again on a specialized machine, allows to see if all nozzles are operating properly, printing for all of them as the original.

After the test, the last machine is used, this time to seal the ink ribbon placing a blue silicone-based to protect the nozzles. This tape prevents ink does not come out for any of the injectors thus preventing it from contaminating the colors and storing the cartridge without allowing this to dry.

The last step is to put a protective plastic to further protect the injectors and also electrical circuits, seal the cartridge inside a plastic bag and finally puts it inside its carton box.


B) Toner & Copiers

For recycling a toner cartridge is critical to use good raw materials, have a good recycling procedure and finally, ensure that the cartridge is tested and prints correctly.
For a toner cartridge to function properly all wear parts should be replaced. It is vital to use components that replace and guarantee the same performance and benefits that the components of the original cartridges. The components that must always be replaced are:
The Toner, of course! It is essential to be a good quality toner. Normally the best toner are manufactured in Japan and South Korea, where precisely are the leading manufacturers of original brands such as HP, Brother, Samsung, Canon, etc..

The Drum, also known as OPC. It is on this that focuses the laser printer and allows after he clings toner cartridge immediately before the transfer to the sheet of paper before moving to the fuser. The Drum is a magnetic component, and to focus the laser on it loses magnetic properties. Thus you should always be replaced if it is not appropriate magnetic properties can not adequately attract the toner to transfer to the paper.

The Chip in a cartridge allows it to communicate with the printer and subsequently inform the consumer about the state of your cartridge. How many pages you print, with which percentage of coverage, etc... The chip of a recycled cartridge is always substituted to give the user exactly the same information that would give an original cartridge.

The Doctor Blade is a metal blade terminated with soft rubber that separates the toner from the drum section and determines that does not transfer too much amount of toner amount from the toner compartment to the drum. This part must be replaced because if the rubber is worn this will allow to pass too much toner to the drum, causing stains or excessive consumption of toner and consequently less cartridge yield.

The Wiper Blade is another metal blade, but that makes a contact between the drum and the toner waste compartment. It allows to clean up the remains of toner dust after each transfer of toner from the drum to the paper. Usually the drum rotates 6 times in order to print an A4 page. If this blade is not replaced it will not clean the drum after each rotation, duplicating printing on the next rotation, or causing stains on the sheet.

The PCR is the part that allows removing the magnetic charge of the drum before the laser focus on it again. It is a rubber cylinder that is also consumed and if it's not replaced it will print repeated "ghost" images because they are not properly removed from the previous magnetic charge.

The Seal of the cartridge is what ensures that the toner does not go out of the toner compartment until the user removes it, just before putting it on the printer. This seal prevents leakage during transport and storage toner cartridge and also ensures the user that he retires the seal and has not been used before.

For a good procedure for recycling toner is also of key importante the use of profesional machines for good aspiration and good cleaning. It is also very important having good procedures for disassembly, replacement of parts, filling and assembling cartridges.

Finally, the cartridge is tested to prove that all the gears are working properly and that it prints properly.

The last step is to put the cartridge inside a black inflatable bag to protect it in shipping and post it in their respective carton box.